Introducing The SSF “” ILO on Pancakeswap Using Unicrypt Protocol

Introduction, launched in early 2021, has already come a long way. Before announcing the token sale of its native cryptocurrency, SSF, the messaging app that protects what’s important, team made their platform available to the public. Developers, organizations, blockchain enthusiasts, and even crypto newcomers can send and receive messages on SSF without having to worried about their privacy or concerns. In SSF first AMA, the team will be introducing SSF in a lot more detail for anyone who’s keen to know.

What is SSF?

SSF is the native token for the communication ecosystem built on top of Binance Smart Chain (BSC20). SSF will be used to run a blockchain algortithm on the platform’s test net or main net to execute different processes over the blockchain to hide transactions. You don’t have to verify your phone number or email to use SSF:Chat. Someone can send you a message by just using your BEP-20 address. You can decide to receive message from anyone or just from whitelisted addresses.
All of the smart contracts of SSF Protocol (including tokensale and token smart contracts) have been audited & Rugs Detective.

SSF Tokenomics:

Strategic: 25% on TGE, then 20% monthly over the next 3 months.
16% foundational reserve locked for 1 year, then daily vesting over 365 days
30% of funds will be used to provide liquidity to exchanges
8% Marketing & business development tokens — 20% before listing, then daily vesting over 365 days
Community tokens are locked for 9 months @
7% team & 3% advisory tokens locked for 1 year, then daily vesting over 365 days
Vesting period is 5 years, 10% unlock after every 3 months.
Yearly 1% manaul burn over the next 5 years

Buying SSF

You can participate in the presale which will occur in form of an ILO on Unicrypt website.


Public Sale (x1.3)
1 BNB: 754.3875 SSF
1 SSF: $0.8

Listing Price
1 BNB: 710.0117 SSF
1 SSF: $0.85

Before SSF token’s public presale in the first week of May, the vesting window will open at 10PM UTC, 3rd March, which is an invite-only round and capped at 1 BNB per wallet. To get your invite, head onto SSF Telegram.




Decentralized Communication platform.

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Decentralized Communication platform.

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