The Most Powerful Messaging App
5 min readApr 30, 2021


“As of March 2019, over 41 million mobile messages are sent in an online minute.”

Communicating with others is the main purpose of a phone and smartphones are not an exception. Smartphones are known for their cool features and people use a variety of applications to perform different tasks every single day. Calling and messaging apps have become common around the globe with over 75% of smartphone users using them regularly.

A new wave of communication and financial innovation is hovering over us. In the coming years, we are about to witness the best financial and communication services ever. Decentralized finance and decentralized communication platforms are changing the world for good. We saw great progress in these areas over the last 3 years.

According to the latest estimates, messaging apps are now over 20% bigger than social networks. In this day and age, messaging and calling apps have become more than messaging and calling apps. Some of these smartphone apps allow people to make payments to anyone using the same app.

Though WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, Discord, Snapchat, and Messenger are the most popular messaging apps, the next generation of messaging apps is decentralized and is growing at a fast pace. These apps are more secure, offer innovative features, and provide more freedom to their users.

Rise of Decentralized Communication

The communication world has undergone a paradigm shift in recent years. The emergence of decentralized communication platforms, to name a few, is a factor that has provided an impetus to the communication industry for unprecedented growth. To be precise, decentralized communication platforms are a stealth mode of communicating your messages, sharing your pictures, or delivering confidential information.

Secret Sky Finance (SSF) is an all-in-one decentralized platform that guarantees its users agility, convenience, privacy, and much more. The incorporated stealth wallet and stealth chat is a landmark achievement of the SSF community.

So, if you are hunting for a world free of traces when you communicate, Secret Sky Finance is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Continue reading if you want to know more about the exciting perks of becoming a part of the SSF community?

Blockchain Technology

The way block-chain technology has revolutionized communication services is irrefutable. Plus, the vivid use of blockchain technology by decentralized platforms has also become a widely accepted perspective.

Secret Sky is no exception that utilizes block-chain development to its core. In short, the algorithm of the blockchain connects users for decentralized communication.

The blockchain is a network of users seen by all the participating users or nodes. The information in the network is saved in the ledger of the open block-chain. So, you can reach out to all the participating nodes without letting the network administrator know.

To be precise, nodes are users, which can be individuals or operators. Though all nodes can perform a completely decentralized process, they need to operate within the bounds of the blockchain network.

To cut the story short, block-chain at SSF ensures seamless peer-peer communication. In addition to this, the established connections at the SSF block-chain cannot be intercepted by the central operator.

Promising Features of SSF

Secure and Fast

SSF is powered by a user-friendly interface that allows its users to use the platform to the fullest. Different other safety features prevent possible security breaches. In short, safety is all SSF promises to its customers.


Another exciting feature that makes SSF unique is its ability to send non-traceable messages. There is no way to recover when you delete a message. Also, no one can retrieve your deleted messages from the back-end because the message is destructed and removed from all the servers.

Open Source

The original source code of Secret Source Finance is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. The platform has an open API which means its source code is available for community distribution. Being open-source does not mean it is not advanced; the system stems from the advanced technological infrastructure.

Stealth Wallet

The stealth wallet hides transactions using bridging algorithms. To be exact, bridging algorithms break the usual chain of transactions. The system deletes the traces that could re-establish the connection between sender and receiver or vice versa.

However, SSF is not reinventing or redesigning the fundamental framework of the transaction. Rather it incorporates enhanced encryption algorithms to support the existing transaction model.

Stealth Chat

Stealth Chat allows users to stay anonymous. You don’t need a phone number or an email address to sign up for stealth chat. People can contact you through your unique BEP-20 address. These anonymous chats come with exciting features such as the anti-screenshot option, nuke messages option, and much more.

All chats are end-to-end encrypted; no one can access your chat from another device even if someone steals your credentials. Lastly, stealth chat is equipped with the “hide in plain sight” feature — hide your confidential photos behind image covers in your camera roll.

Token Distribution

The token distribution model at the SSF is simple and ensures network flow with justified rewards. In a nutshell, tokens are distributed among strategic, business, marketing, and community partners. In addition to this, the Secret Sky also offers 1% of manual burnover over a year.

Strategic: 25% on TGE, then 20% monthly over the next 3 months.
16% foundational reserve locked for 1 year, then daily vesting over 365 days
30% of funds will be used to provide liquidity to exchanges
8% Marketing & business development tokens — 20% before listing, then daily vesting over 365 days
Community tokens are locked for 9 months @
7% team & 3% advisory tokens locked for 1 year, then daily vesting over 365 days
Vesting period is 5 years, 10% unlock after every 3 months.
Yearly 1% manaul burn over the next 5 years

Final thoughts

Safety and security is the primary concern of every individual nowadays. Therefore, we have provided you with all the necessary details of the most powerful messaging app, and now it’s your turn to experience it yourself. It is always better to stay connected with future technology.